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Concrete Texture - True to Form.

25 July 2016

An aesthetic quality often associated with concrete is a smooth, polished finish, however the liquefied state of concrete before it is cast allows for a multitude of textural design possibilities. The adaptable state of the material means that surfaces formed do not have to be flat and can mimic the texture of any formwork it is poured into.

Focusing on wood formed concrete in particular, the projects below are some of our favourite examples of board formed textures, where the surfaces are characterised by the extent of the wood grain and the joins between the boards.


  • Sun Moon Lake Visitor Centre by Norihiko Dan and Associates

  • Clifford Still Museum by Allied Works Architecture

  • Iglesia San Jorge by Tabuenca & Leache

  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen, London

The imprint of the wood grain seen throughout the Sun Moon Lake Visitor Centre in Taiwan provides a subtle texture to the imposing volume of concrete used, visually softening the overall aesthetic. The natural wood texture was also used to evoke the landforms of the surrounding landscape.

In contrast to the Taiwan project, the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver by Allied Works Architecture used formwork to purposely allow the concrete to seep through the joins to create a roughly bevelled surface that resembles the textured brushtrokes of the art work inside. The spacing between the boards was also varied to create a fluctuating texture and visual rhythm across the large concrete planes.

The San Jorge Church in Spain by Tabuenca and Leache on the other hand shows the ways in which wooden formwork can also be used to create more regimented patterns as well as texture and in this case an offset striped pattern has been acheived throughout the interior and exterior of the church to create an overall unified appearance.

Here at lowinfo we have also experimented with wood formed textures and an example of this can be seen above where we developed a number of concrete panels for the cladding of the bar front in Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London. The boards were positioned at different levels with varied grains to create a rustic, raw aesthetic to compliment the rest of the interior design concept.

We are also currently working on another wood formed concrete project and further details of this, including images, will be posted on our website once complete.

To commission custom works please send through your enquiry and any drawings or concepts to [email protected] or call the sales team on 01623 835311.

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