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While I'm Working on Shiloh's Run Away From Home Page ..I offer these pictures to see how they pallete out. Hey , can you tell where some where taken.
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Shiloh's long awaited new buddy

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Frances Lena Flores
"Franki Lee"
Friday , February, 13,1998
12:49 p.m.
6 pounds 12 ounces
20 inches long


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Shiloh Right after
The bar.
Susan's the only one who makes me feel the least bit comfortable in front of a camera ..This is a Vid Capture

Alex has better taste in woman than in N.F.L. teams . That's west-side  Cindy  and Cindy's Mom with the bigdog...great pic...

During the recent storm Shiloh and I were out exploring ...We loved it...but the snow shut down the city...so to speak..the weather people were only calling for a trace or so. When people awoke there was already five inches or so and with lighting. Yes that's Wrigley Field. Snow falls on tree, tree falls on car and we all vogue at the disaster. There's Alex and Susan with Lakota and Jake.  Susan was the hero as she climbed a tree to rescue Shiloh's Kong . Alex did nothing but turn the wrong way         
After the snow Alex and I hiked for a beer or two . I love Lakota and like this shot but wish I had a scan of the famous puppy picture to post. 


Duffy and Dudley and Bob and east-side Cindy ,all longtime Shiloh Buddies ..We just can't understand why these bubbles are always near or around Duffy..workin on a site for the double D's

a man comes into a doctors office with a bird on his shoulder and says

Not saying much here but this is a world famous athietic field in Wrigleyville. Check back for the story and more pictures.
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welcome to Lowinfo