Thursday, June12, 1997
Poll Blames G.O.P for flood relief bill veto.
.Jordan Toxic Waste Jazz.
Lawmakers in Britain Vote to Ban Handguns.
Dow Gains 36.56 Points for Record Close.
Murdoch Buys Half of Family Channel.
U.S. Open starts this morning.
Big 3 U.S. Automakers Show Productivity Gains
Microsoft and Netscape announced an alliance concerning pricacy concerns on the Web.
U.S. Warning Buyers: Guns Not for Minor.

Birthdays Today
George Bush (1924), forty-first American President
Chick Corea (1941), jazz musician
Jim Nabors (1932), singer; actor,
Anne Frank (1929), diarist; Holocaust victim
Vic Damone (1928), singer; actor;

11 y. ago (1986) P W Botha declares South African national emergency
15 y. ago (1982) 750,000 anti-nuclear demonstrators in Central Park NYC
20 y. ago (1977) Ground-breaking ceremonies for Pres Kennedy library
30 y. ago (1967) Israel wins 6 day war
34 y. ago (1963) Medgar Evers, NAACP official, murdered in Jackson, Miss
40 y. ago (1957) Paul Anderson of US back-lifts a record 2850 kg
51 y. ago (1946) Philippines National Day
58 y. ago (1939) Baseball Hall of Fame opens in Cooperstown NY
60 y. ago (1937) USSR executes 8 army leaders as Stalin's purge continued
61 y. ago (1936) 1st 50KW radio station, Pittsburgh Pa
80 y. ago (1917) Secret Service extend protection of pres to his family
99 y. ago (1898) Philippine nationalists declared independence from Spain
159 y. ago (1838) Hopkins Observatory, dedicated in Williamstown, Mass
159 y. ago (1838) Iowa Territory organized
185 y. ago (1812) Napoleon's invasion of Russia begins
210 y. ago (1787) Senators must be at least 30
221 y. ago (1776) Va 1st to adopt Bill of Rights


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