Political Stories With Legs

Bulls by 51/2

It Takes a Sheriff
           An over thirty year drumbeat of how bad and corrupt our central government has become has turned a healthy individual skepticism of Washington into a collective cowtown mentality, where cattle barons fight sheep herders, saloon keepers battle psalm singers, and the good townsfolk run in fear from gangs of cowboys with cash or from railroad men with a monopoly.
"…. Smile when you say that, partner."
Where the Declaration of Independence argued the natural law of inalienable rights for all, the Constitution unnaturally granted the rights of franchise to the few.  Sure enough that's been fixed, but doesn't it clue ya to just how long the fix has been in?
……….….Now, before some of ya'll yell "Whoa there, Comrade," I'm here to tell ya'll the founding fathers had ample reasons to rig the game.  Running a democracy is akin to the dance of dice on a crap table, and certain house rules are necessary to ensure all have the opportunity to take a chance, while making damn certain the house remains solvent.
………….The founders, many of whom were land speculators, were keenly aware that finance and freedom go hand in hand.  Consequently, they knew the have and have nots would often go toe to toe, so they designed a system that permitted "dealers choice" but not a stacked deck.  Allowing amendments for time and circumstance, the fix is always in, but it's never final.  In recent years, both political parties have trashed government to the point where the townsfolk have come to believe that the "fix" is final and fatal.  In exasperation, the electorate throws their hands in the air and votes for a Chief Executive that has the qualities of a wild west sheriff, not a world statesman.
  They want a President familiar with dirty deeds and done deals:  a guy who has played the game and survived, and who knows where the bodies are buried.  A person vested in the vice of politics, yet aware that his survival depends upon peace in the community.  A player with a stake in the game:  he'll invite all to the table and knows he doesn't have to cheat, 'cause the fix is in.  It takes a Sheriff.