Political Stories with Legs


It is our understanding that when a hot political story is apt to stick around, conventional wisdom is quick to chorus that the story "has legs."  The Chicago son took this to heart and happily searched for appropriate art to help illustrate his moderate rants about this election cycle.  You won't mistake this stuff for Lippman, but it's worth a look.  Remember it's more box score than soapbox, so keep your head in the center and Spam to yourself...links below.

We tend to forget that no matter how old,civil, and insightful our written Constitution, this is a young nation:  still the wild, wild, west. Citizens view politicians as little better than ideological rustlers, controlled by big moneyed barons, and what D.C. really stands for is Dodge City.  Most thoughtful voters think it's a rigged town, and they want someone in charge who knows the fix is in,understands the rules, and can Wyatt Earp the riffraff and rich folk when the cards get too stacked one way or the other. The G.O.P was lookin' to get real fat this general election. Ready to carve up what they considered to be a turkey of an administration, they let that bird get cold while they gobbled at each other during the primaries.  In the end it was decided by those at the head table, in typical Republican fashion, that it was Bob Dole's turn to feast.  He's a good man, but a bad cook, who didn't know when to use his utensils;  and his taste in campaigning is as imaginative as a Thanksgiving dinner menu.
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