Monday, August 25

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It has been a fall of an August.
Cool as Cindy on her in-line skates.
Stormy too, with water, water
everywhere and lighting that
went on forever. But the summer

was great and I got pictures
to prove it. No real news until
next time but "Play it Loud" has
been updated.

I'm told the editor used for this page
is still in beta and capable of Dynamic
Html so watch for anomalies if not
using a 4.0 browser. You should at
least  be Java-ed.
Thanks and come back soon for a real

Now The New Stuff

"Keep your chin up"


From the Associated Stress..............

Next year I want a big Mac. and one for Shiloh.
Alex the antagonist objects. .....more
"Sophia lost and found again.....
Hi's to Dudley,Duffy, and Mr.Pig

Lakota's "Play it Loud" has a new list
Lakota's "Weather Report" goes counter intuitive
a Lakota Links Page coming soon

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