There's something downright un-American about fellow citizens complaining about loud music on Friday afternoon. What's 9 to 5 all about if you can't have a little tempo at the end of the week.

Lakota's List of Loud

In the Mood ....Glenn Miller
The Crime Scene...Lounge
Pet Sounds .....The Beach Boys
Dave Edmonds "Trouble Boys"
The Flaming Lips
Clang of the Yankee Reaper ..Van Dyke Parks
Mojo Nixon's "Kill all the Lawyers "
Sinatra's "Stangers in the night"

This list does not necessarily reflect the musical taste
or preferences of anyone associated with this site.
It's a playlist to punish the perpetrators of social high
crimes and misdemeanors, like the "Music Cop." Play it Loud .

for those of ya'll too cool to yodel, here's Tweak Antitrend's review of one of the best albums of the year.