Lowinfo collaborate with Jasper Morrison and Established & Sons!.

20 October 2012

LDF 2012 saw the launch of The Bench Years exhibition at the V&A, co-ordinated by the renowned Established & Sons, Lowinfo were paired with designer Jasper Morrison for the production of the 'Hitch' bench.

Approached by Established & Sons during the run up to LDF 2012, Lowinfo were teamed with notorious furniture designer, Jasper Morrison for the production of an original piece for Bench Years. An exhibition held in the V&A’s Madejski Garden, Bench Year’s celebrates the relationship between material and designer.

Marking The London Design Festival’s 10th year with this collaborative exhibition, 10 internationally acclaimed designers were paired with 10 exclusive manufacturers of unique materials. Contributors included AL_A, Alexander Taylor, and Fernando working in materials such as ceramics, tubular steel and cork.

With the objective to flaunt the inherent attributes of the selected material, Jasper Morrison designed ‘Hitch’ an elegant piece with a balance of curved and flat planes showing off the different flow and grains of the concrete mix.

‘Hitch’ has since been further developed by Lowinfo and Established & Sons and is now available as part of their main product range.