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Not all the sons and
and daughters, grand-
children and pets have
cleared picture waivers.
All should show up soon.
There is much more to
come ...check back soon
Lovely and talented Linda............
a very successful business woman
in the area...
She and her husband
are building a site. Get ready to spend
some money. I'll link to it soon.

Young son Douglas...about 10 years
35 years later...look to your right

a 35 year before and
after picture, and the
Chicago connection:
Susan's studying for
the bar exam and
he's a Bulls fan.
There's a rumor he
has a copy of
Hot Metal Pro that
he's never loaded, and
he's even written
a record review.

Below is their buddy,
Shiloh, who loves beer,
learned to swim in a pool
and has a web page.

here's a photo of yours truly
taken by my

Krystal Paige Bulman.
I hope
to have her here soon.

[email protected]

Monday, June 2, 1997