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Custom reception desk in Marylebone Lane, London.

lowinfo create striking reception desk with Morrow+Lorraine, for 116 Marylebone Lane.

  • 116 Marylebone Lane

    Polished Reception Desk in Marylebone, London

Project details


Marylebone Lane, London

Project Details

In conjunction with Morrow+Lorraine, lowinfo developed this striking and defined polished concrete reception desk for the reception area at 116 Marylebone Lane. The custom specifications of the desk extended the traditional capabilities of the material and methods of productions to establish this as innovative and distinct concrete design.

"It's the most complicated single cast we have made to date. Given the size and bespoke nature of the pieces, there was no margin for error. The manufacturing process evolved during the project and we were really pushing the boundaries of the material. It was well worth it though, and we are very pleased the result is fantastic"

Tom Bowman - lowinfo Director

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